Welcome to Swiss Insurance Law

a boutique law firm specialised in all matters related to insurance law and regulation in Switzerland.

Welcome to Swiss Insurance Law

a boutique law firm specialised in all matters related to insurance law and regulation in Switzerland.

Who are we?

Having worked in insurance for over two decades, both in-house and with law firms, we understand the business of insurance and how the legal environment affects its operations. This is the reason why we are listed on the panel of insurance players and major law firms around the world. 

As independent, specialised attorneys, we are a flexible, high quality and cost-effective alternative to the traditional law firm model: you can hire us as external advisor or as freelance in-house counsel, working either remote or on-site, based on your requirements and budget. You will obtain highly focused legal advice under a pre-agreed pricing model. As our firm’s processes and operations are designed to serve sophisticated clients in one industry, you will not need to pay overhead costs and will work only with experienced attorneys, who provide you with a more personalised and in-depth service. 

What we do

Our clients are (re)insurance undertakings, intermediaries as well as participants in complementary sectors (such as investment funds, banks, etc.), which we advise on a wide range of legal, corporate and regulatory matters, such as: 

  • (re)insurance supervision law (licensing, business plan changes, investments, permissible activities, cross-border business, run-off solutions, broker supervision)
  • legal and regulatory compliance (drafting and implementation of guidelines and compliance processes, training in the field of compliance, anti-money laundering rules, etc.)

  • regulatory proceedings (investigations, defense) 

  • corporate reorganisations (restructurings, establishments of branches and subsidiaries)
  • operational contracts with third parties or inter-affiliate (distribution, outsourcing, cooperation agreements, etc.)

  • insurance contract law (drafting of general terms and conditions for insurance products, model policies, contractual documentation, etc.)

  • communication with the supervisory authorities (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein FMA, OAK, et al.)

  • bancassurance

Our partners

On cross-border cases, such as international transactions and reorganisations of insurance groups, our firm frequently collaborates with leading international law firms. 

As legal consultants to the insurance industry as a whole, we also provide general business law advice on various matters such as commercial contracts, company legislation, employment, tenancy law, etc. For certain specific corporate and commercial law matters as well as for complex employment, data protection and competition law advice, we may cooperate with specialised lawyers at FlyingLawyers. 

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